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If you do not have a QR Code reader on your Smart Phone,
please download QR code reader from Google Play Store.

1)     What is it mainly used for?

QR codes are mainly used to attract people to a URL or allow the person to store information on their smart phone. Why is this important? Well because the codes help bridge and connect methods of offline advertising with online advertising. For example say a person sees an offline advertisement on a magazine, brochure or catalogue. If this advertisement has a QR code on it and if the person scans this code onto their computer, then they can get the website URL of those products and services..

2)     Who uses QR codes?

Anyone and everyone uses and can use a QR code for whatever they desire. QR codes just like business cards and company website are extremely important when trying to build a brand. They link different parts of marketing together. For example a company can link both their Facebook page and twitter account through a QR code. This gives all the information that a company or person wishes to convey to a potential consumer and as a result all the information is that the personís fingertips, they donít need to go looking for anything.

3)     How does it work?

A QR code can be generated using a QR code generator. Many QR code generators are free on the internet. Basically someone can enter the data that they wish to store onto the code and then the generator creates a customized code especially for that information. This code can then be saving and copied to anywhere. It can be displayed in print or electronically through different web pages or as an online advertisement. A person can then scan the code using a mobile advice with the QR code scanner application. The code is then decoded by the scanner app and then the information is revealed to the user. The information can be stored onto the phone for later reference.




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